Mounting System

Excellence Long Lasting Optimized

Our ground mount solar tracker constantly decides the best angel according to the time on the panel and the mounted place of solar module. It monitors the optimal time of sunshine and the longitude and latitude of system by the GPS signal to ensure the fully exposure of every solar modules to the sunshine and generate power as much as possible.

It can bring you the biggest return with its high reliance, low maintenance cost. It can do self-checking, tracking sunlight angle deviance, automatically send alarm to inform you make earlier stage maintenance to reduce your loss.

Highly Wind Resistant, Deploy Rapidly

I type is a self mounting system. Its also includes building protection mats that act as an installation foundation and offer additional protection to the roof membrane. It is installed without the need to penetrate the rooftop. Yet another amazing feature of the I type is that it needs no additional ballast. The clever design ensures the system will stay on the rooftop in winds up to 42m/s without concrete ballast adding additional weight to the roof.

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Flexible Ecological Reliability

"N" "T" "W" series were specially designed for use in PV systems in open areas. Suitable for ground screw and concrete foundations. Framed and unframed modules can be arranged in various configurations. All connecting points of the intelligent structure have been specifically designed to facilitate installation. A completely modular installation program, The main structural components of the system are marked with different colours so that you can see which parts connect together.

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Effective Use of Space

Solar Carports not only protect cars from the effects of direct sunlight, rain and hail stones, but also produce power for wholesale generation, net-metering and electric vehicle EV/PHEV charging stations. Radiant Solar Carports not only look great, they are easy to install and made to endure even the harshest climatic conditions.

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