About Sensol

Simplify Intelligentize Reliable Values

  • Sensol is the leader in technical service solar power systems for homes and businesses, specializing in manufacturing of solar module and storage inverter. We offers solutions for every part of a large-scale solar system, from solar inverters to complete packaged solution the large Solar Plant.

    Our vision is to simplify, intelligentize and popularize photovoltaic system. So we put away the traditional values and integrate different industries. Our mission is to build the China's finest networked energy system and revolutionize power generation on a global scale.

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Trustworthy Sustainable energy independence

  • Clean and renewable energy means a healthy environment and raising our standard of living while lowering costs. We make clean energy available to homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organizations at a lower cost than they pay for energy generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. We see a world of solar powered homes and businesses that are self-sufficient and energy independent. As the world embraces renewable energy, so we embrace a bright future of research. Sensol is committed to providing you with trustworthy technologies and services to achieve sustainable energy independence.

    Our products make solar power systems productive, reliable, smart and safe. We strive to familiarize PV system and integrate the advantages of mature technologies of solar energy. Sensol has pass through DIN EN ISO9001: 2008 and CE Certification. Its Photovoltaic Products have got IEC61215 IEC61730, Class II, TUV, IEC62109-1 IEC62109-2 VDE0126-1-1 and North American UL1703, UL1741.

Knowledgeable Like-minded Ambitious

  • We are in business to challenge ourselves to learn and grow as a team, thriving on new challenges and driven to be the best at everything we do. We serve both the commercial and residential capturing every opportunity as if it were our last. We are construction managers, we are friendly and knowledgeable tradesmen, we are students of life, and we are a team, inclusive of customers and co-workers. We work diligently side by side but we also have fun together and in doing so our team emerges ever stronger.

    We are a collection of like-minded individuals, each of us ambitious, entrepreneurial, intelligent and hard working, whereby, we seek to grow through attracting and retaining other talented individuals who are compatible to our culture.

Management Team

  • Henry Yu CEO

    Henry joined solar industry in 2004. He initiated his brand Sensol recruiting a group of people as a dynamic management team in 2009. He transformed the activities of Sensol from trading to production in a few years by the help of his outstanding leadership and sharp market orientation .Concurrently, Because of his modesty and prudence,Henry obtains widely reputation in China's solar market.

  • Bill Shang CFO and CAO

    Bill has over 20 years of experience in finance and leading, working both in China and international markets. He oversees all financial operations, including Financial Planning & Analysis, Treasury, Internal Audit, and Tax. In this position Bill was instrumental in the establishment of strategic plans, annual operating plans, and pricing strategy, Most recently, Bill was Chief Financial Officer at Swareflex, where he managed finance, IT, investor relations and marketing communication professionals.

  • Frank Liu COO

    Frank is a 18-year veteran of the telecom equipment industry where he engineered a large variety of functions, ranging from high-precision equipment in computer-telecommunication operating rooms and Uninterrupted Power Supply to wire and wireless communications. He brings a wealth of practical experience designing high reliability, high volume and cost effective electronics susceptible to being deployed in harsh environments. Prior to joining Sensol Solar Technology, He served as vice president of china systems engineering and field marketing at ABB.

  • Pong Guo VP of Quality and Reliability

    Pong joins Sensol Solar after a key position of Quality and Product in Swarovski of German and Austria. In Swareflex (a business division of Swarovski), Pong managed over 200 technicians and was responsible for all issues concerning product and process quality, leading a multiple task team for reliable improvement. Prior to that, Pong has been a technical expert on test and reliability issues of National Laboratory for almost a decade. He managed a strong R&D team, developing new material for State 863 projects.

  • Our history

    We are in business to challenge ourselves to learn and grow as a team, thriving on new challenges and driven to be the best at everything we do. We serve both the commercial and residential capturing every opportunity as if it were our last.