Integrated series solar modules

Sensol Integrated series solar modules deliver long time power output not only in high temperature but also in poor sunshine. The power generation of each square meter of solar engineering outstrips that of other solar technologies. We produce the modules with the solar technologies won development, while we will never stop our hard work, On the basis of years of development and application of crystalline silicon.

Sensol Integrated series solar modules are widely used products which are produced by monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells. Apart from their mainly use in On-Grid, they could be used not only in Microwave/Radio Relay Stations, remote areas' rural electrified equipment, rural area's medical facilities, summer homes' resource of electricity, emergent telecommunication systems, navigational lighthouses, pumping irrigation systems, aircraft obstruction lightings, seawater desalination systems etc., but also they could be used in residential rooftop Off-Grid and massive commercial systems. Each 5W would be for a module unit, and the products also could be customized according to user's special requirements to specification and voltage with the power in ranges from 200W to 320W.

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Hybird inverters storage system

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Residential storage inverter

Sensol energy storage system is the perfect system that will significantly increase the self consumption of PV power. On the other hand, the utility grid will be more stable and reliable with less PV power feeding in. It can be configured to discharge battery at customers' convenience to better accommodate different electricity companies' pricing structures. This could save up to 70% of the electricity bills with a reasonably configured system. Compatible with lithium-ion and lead-acid battery, natural cooling and IP65 protection rating.

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