Roadway illumination

With the growing reduction of cost of LED, LED and solar module are perfectly combined together, which fully plays the role of LED light source, lighting the remote dark roadway where mains electricity are not used and improving the safety of driving. The layout of this kind of combination can be settled at will, it would be free from expensive and complicated pipe laying, and characterized by low carbon and resource consumption in the meanwhile.

Solar and EV charging station

By the year 2020, the Pike Research study projected that there will be a total of 11.4 million electric vehicle charging stations all over the world. That means more EVs will be on the road. Solar power and electric vehicle chargers are the key to significantly reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and is the natural evolution of our energy infrastructure.

More and more businesses are recognizing the economic and environmental advantages of solar technology for their daily operations. It is clean, reliable and cost effective. With their easy installation and set-up, and their ability to generate more power, these electric vehicle charging stations satisfy the main prerequisites for mass adoption. .

Storage for a solar pumping system

Solar water pumping is one of the most efficient ways to utilize solar energy. Conventional energy sources involve either running extended lengths of wire or using a fossil fuel generator at the site. These traditional methods involve both expensive equipment costs, plus ongoing energy costs.

The most cost effective and reliable method is to install a large water storage tank that serves as a reservoir. This tank supplies water during the night and on days with low sunlight, when your solar pump is running at a lower output.

Agricultural cultivation, irrigation

Ever increasing fuel cost and doubtful availability of electricity hampers the irrigated crop production. Solar pump may be an alternative for irrigation for crop production especially in the off-grid areas.

Our solar pump system driven by infinite solar energy, works from sunrise, and stops at sunset, need no connection to grid power nor diesel oil and battery. The system can irrigate directly or store water instead of electricity in a reservoir. The solar pump fountain Pumps works with sprinkling irrigation, drip irrigation and infiltrating irrigation facilities, can be more efficient for water saving.