Turnkey - Engineering Procurement Construction

The solar project development consists of engineering, construction, procurement and project financing. With our reliable and high-performance technology platform, we provide our customers with strong and beneficial solar turnkey solution. From manufacturing solar panels to developing market and monitoring site as well as procuring materials and financing project, our veteran development team can manage every stage of construction cycle. Sensol Solar offers you complete commercial solar power generation system, aiming to optimize the overall output of solar energy.

Engineering and Design

With our EPC service, you are assured that your solar plant can be completed and delivered into operation on time and on budget. From onsite evaluation, engineering and installation to the following operation and maintenance, we aim to provide you with the most efficient system to ensure our customers can share our experience to come to the highest level of quality and satisfaction of engineering and installing solar commercial projects. Once you have decided your site selection of solar photovoltaic power plant, our team is able to offer you a high efficient solar solution.

Effective And Reliable Solar System Solutions

The high efficient solar technologies of world are applied in Sensol commercial solar solutions, ensuring the lower cost of energy in large scale enterprises and government organizations. Not only do we manufacture inexpensive module, but also we provide powerful solar system, making the dream of photovoltaic power generation come true, which reduces your budget and optimizes the overall solar output, ensuring the lower cost of energy in large scale enterprises and government organizations.

Without Any Worries About Your Rooftop

The residential and commercial rooftops are usually the spaces in rarely efficient use, offering an opportunity to reduce the cost of producing energy. We carefully analyze the structure of conventional roof to make sure our installed products could be used for a long time and free from potential leak and damage. we have made the limited rooftop release the biggest power output from our detailed calculated installation angel and mounting interval, which replaces much more electric charge and energy cost and realizes the biggest economic value.

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