Technology Transfer

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Sensol is committed to assist developing nations to achieve clean energy production through solar PV technology transfer. Today, solar energy offers many opportunities in the developing nations and it is a key element for a sustainable future. We assist investors and organizations interested to enter in the solar panel manufacturing to set up cost effective production lines. We design production lines with new and used PV machinery or a combination of both. Selection and Evaluation of Machinery that constitute the assembly line to produce crystalline (mono & poly) solar cells.

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OEM manufacturing

We manufacture custom made solar panels according to the specific requirements of its clients. We provide custom made design solutions for clients interested in making non standard solar panels. We can design panels in different shapes and with different electrical characteristics according to client's requirements. We provide assistance on development of building integration photovoltaic(BIPV) modules and selection of raw materials such as cells, glass, back sheet, encapsulate, Junction box, and aluminum frames.